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Imam Khomeini : You should serve people and let people know of your service. Supreme leader :If there will be enthusiasm hope , eagerness to work ,being helpful and satisfaction among the retired and its atmosphere ,the effect of these b e reflected to the personnel.

Islamshahr Jam-e-jam housing towers were inaugurated PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 June 2012 04:54

On the occasion of birthday of Emam Bagher and Khordad the third( KhorMSHhr victorious day)Islamshahr Jam-e-jam housing towers were inaugurated by Omran-e-pars Jam-e-jam construction and investment company.


Housing towers 328 apartment units of Islamshahr Jam-e-jam were inaugurated and operation started in presence of Mr. Taghadosinejad finance deputy of IRIB, Mr. Sofi radio depauty,Mr. Mastani head manager of Pension Fund and a group of IRIB director managers and a number of Islamshahr authorities such as ; Mr Aram governor ,Mr. Assadi head of city council and security commander of Islamshahr.

The above mentioned towers have the following specifications:

A .Four fourteen floor blocks with a total of 31989 square meters under construction about 20277 sq m. apartment area.

B .Each bock has got two 13persons lift.

C Non-oxyge sewage purifying system with a total combination of 240 sq. m. daily including purification ,filtration ,seepage ,and sedimentation tanks.

d. Double reservoir tanks for drinking water and fire fighting with a capacity of 145 sq.m.GRP (glass reinforcement plastic).

e. Heating system for hot water and radiators with a capacity of 3750000 kg.c. per hour and three steel boiler  and reservoirs.

f. Providing drinking water using pumps.

g. General gas station 1000 sq.m. per hour and extending prediction

h .Installing diesel generator for providing urgent electricity

I . Installing evaporative ventilation system for the apartments.

j. Using modern technologies for energy saving such as UPVC double glass windows and polystyrene walls.

K .Making use of post tension construction for resisting against earthquake .

l .Installing fire alarm system and sprinkle valves.


We congratulate the auspicious Mabas (the appointed day )of the last prophet the Holiness Mohammad Mostafa (may blessed God be upon him and his descendants),the completion day of the Qoranic verses ,the manifested day of divine compassion and the uprising of man, from earth to heavens to all Moslems and his truthful followers.

The performance history of His Holiness Mohammad in economy

Finance and economical issues in every society is undeniable column which have to be taken under consideration with its best aspect.

The conduct of our prophet with the poor and providing food for them, dividing war booties justly, consuming public property for the benefit of all, rising against illegal richness, fight against bribery, promotion of work,endeavor and production, promoting grants ,loan etc are all only apart of economical performance of His Holiness Mohammad.


1.We congratulate the auspicious birthday of The HJoliness Imam Mohammad Taghi (PBUH)

2. We condole the heart-rending demise of ex-founder of Islamic Republic of Iran His Holiness Emam Khomeini(PBUH) to respectable Iranians and those who are the true lovers of Velayad route.

3We congratulate the auspicious birthday of the  Emam Ali and Father’s Day.


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