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Imam Khomeini : You should serve people and let people know of your service. Supreme leader :If there will be enthusiasm hope , eagerness to work ,being helpful and satisfaction among the retired and its atmosphere ,the effect of these b e reflected to the personnel.

Islamshahr Jam-e-jam housing towers were inaugurated
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On the occasion of birthday of Emam Bagher and Khordad the third( KhorMSHhr victorious day)Islamshahr Jam-e-jam housing towers were inaugurated by Omran-e-pars Jam-e-jam construction and investment company.


Last Updated ( Monday, 25 June 2012 04:59 )
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On the occasion of her holiness fatemh Zahra
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On the occasion of her holiness fatemh Zahra and honoring the woman s day .a special ceremony was held in the praying room of the pension fund on 10 th  may 2012 .in this gathering the dignity of women employees in the pension fund and affiliated companies was praised.
Inauguration of eslamshahr jam-e-jam residential towers in June 2012
In reference to the announcement of engineer ghalichehbaf general manager of Omron-e-pars jam-e- jam Construction Company. The entire operation of eslamshahr jam-e-e jam project on different part section has already been terminated and our co-workers are implementing final testing stages and cleaning.
He also expressed his hope that by the end of this spring. This project would officially be inaugurated in a special ceremony in presence of IRIB authorities.
It is worth mentioning that after this ceremony within a schedule time which will be announced later .the apartment purchasers can refer to the construction company in order to take delivery of their residential apartments.

Leader: IRI to respond in kind to any attack
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Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei has congratulated the nation on the occasion of Nowruz and named the new year as the year of “National Production, Supporting Iranian Capital and Labor.” 

Ayatollah Khamenei lauded the country's great accomplishments during the previous year, saying that the past year was eventful for the world, the region and Iran. 

“What one witnesses is that these events generally were to Iran’s benefit and conductive to the [country’s] objectives. Those in Western countries who pursue malevolent objectives against Iran and Iranians are having various problems.” 
“Those countries in the region that the Islamic Republic has always supported have achieved great goals, [some] dictators were overthrown and constitutions based on Islam were passed in some countries.” 

“The number one enemy of the Islamic Ummah and the Iranian nation, namely the Zionist regime has been surrounded,” IR Leader added. 

Leader of the Islamic Revolution said Iran’s enemies started their hostile measures against the country from the beginning of the previous year, and the Iranian nation, officials, people could counter these sanctions by adopting prudent measures. 
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