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Imam Khomeini : You should serve people and let people know of your service. Supreme leader :If there will be enthusiasm hope , eagerness to work ,being helpful and satisfaction among the retired and its atmosphere ,the effect of these b e reflected to the personnel.

Jamejam kashani ground breaking ceremony
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On 14th Shahrivar this year coincident with 25th holy month of Ramadan (fasting month ) the ground Breaking ceremony of Jamejam Kashani belonging to the Pension Fund was held in presence of managers of the Pension Fund , Omaranepars Jamejam investment company , the contractors and advisors of the project .
Mr.  Abbas Pour Nesari, the head manager of the Pension Fund after wishing his colleagues and fasting acceptance by god stated: this project is the second one implemented by the Pension Fund. The construction of this project will begin this year. He also added that jamejam kashani project is definitely an administrative, commercial one which will be finish exactly according to our scheduling time with the attempt of our colleagues within two years.
Mr.Pour Nesari also reiterated on the subject of the speed and qualification of construction which is regarded the most significant ones compared with other projects of the Pension Fund. He, then, requested the managers of Omranpars Jamejam and the contractors in charge to precisely consider these two factors within all phases of construction and implementation.
Engineer Mohsen Ghalichebaf general director of construction investment company of omranepars Jamejam company also announced in this ceremony that the project is regarded an administrative , commercial one which will be constructed on a 640 meter ground with a total building of 5440 square meters and eleven floors , including 5 basement floors , ground floors and 5 over ground floors . It will include 29 commercial units, 16 administrative units and 56 parking places.
Engineer Ghalichebaf expressed his hope that the abovementioned project will be operated within its announced schedule time in September 2012. Total project construction is 24 months.
He thanked cooperation and financial support of the Pension Fund, board of directors of the Construction Company, necessitated the care, attention and orders of the Pension Fund head manager’s orders during construction phrases and operation.
It is worth mentioning that Jamejam Kashani project is located at 256 Ayatolah Kashani Boulevard opposite Mehrar Street.

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Jamejam Resalat Commercial Project
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On Wednesday 1 Aug 2010 on the threshold of Ramadan (fasting month)in the presence of managers of the Pension Fund and investment company of Jamejam Omranepars the ground breaking of Commercial Project of Jamejam Resalat was held by Mr Abbas Pour Nesari the head manager of the Pension Fund .
Mr Pour Nesari stated that project is merely commercial one. He expressed his hope that the above-mentioned will be constructed within the announced scheduled in 15 months.
He also added that The Pension Fund is determined to construct a number of such profitable projects and by earning considerable revenues be able to provide a good source for paying the pension of respectable retired group.
In this ceremony Engineer Mohsen Ghalichebaf Director of Investment company of Omranepars Jamejam announced: Jamejam Resalat with commercial land use will be constructed in an area of 62/184 square meters and useful construction of 375/453 square meters and total land of      sq. Meters and two and a half floors. This building is located at 6, Alaee alley, next to 20 meter Majidieh , Resalat high way, Tehran.

The Pension Fund Meeting from Hashtgert Apartment Complex
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The head manager of Pension Fund together with a number of managers and Jamejam Omranepars Apartment Company visited Hashtgert Mehr Apartment complex.
Mr. Abbas Pour Nesari , the head of The Pension Fund also negotiated with a few managers of that complex and was fully briefed with the latest improvements of Mehr Apartment Complex.
Mr. Pour Nesari assessed this meeting positively fully briefed the managers of Omranepars apartment companies with the strategy of the Pension Fund and expressed his hope that the affiliated companies can benefit from these experiences and consequently fulfill their final goals.

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