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Imam Khomeini : You should serve people and let people know of your service. Supreme leader :If there will be enthusiasm hope , eagerness to work ,being helpful and satisfaction among the retired and its atmosphere ,the effect of these b e reflected to the personnel.

Ground digging ceremony of jame-jam Kajabadi project
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On 16th February 2011 , the 8th day of auspicious Fajr decade ground digging ceremony of jame-jam Kajabadi was heid in presence of the head of pension fund , director general of jame- jam Omran Pars , managers ,deputies of the pension fund and the above- mentioned company.
Mr Abbas Pournasari, the head of the pension fund announced .”during the auspicious decade we are witnessing two ground digging ceremonies belonging to two construction buildings. He expressed hope that during this blessed and auspicious anniversary of the Islamic revolution . we are speeding up inauguration and implementation of our projects. Because this year is called the year of extra-efforts  and extra-aspiration. 
Mr Pournasari after congratulating the auspicious Fajr decade added the “form the beginning of this year (extra efforts and extra aspiration)up to now, we have already started five construction projects including: Resalat , Kashani,Elahieh,Africa and Kajabadi.”
During next year (god willing !) we will witness starting other construction projects, with the support and efforts of our colleagues and constructions companies affiliated to the pension fund .our aspiration will be to fulfill our significant, fundamental goals that is; to pay the pension of honorable IRIB retired personnel. This is our duty and with our trust in the most high god we will pay their pension on time and without any delay .”
He also reiterated three important and essential principles for the contractors during the implementation of project ; to observe scheduling, safety and quality of the projects.
The head of the pension fund also appreciate efforts and support of jam-e-jam Omran Pars managers, board of directors of the company, and his colleagues.
During the opening ceremony , engineer GHalichehbaf ,managing director   of the company, congratulated the auspicious Fajr decade and the ground digging ceremony. He expressed his hope that the project would be implemented exactly according to its scheduling.
Jam-e-jam Kaj_Abadi is constructed on a piece of 730 square meters and its construction site will  be 3590 square meters.
This project is located at 4/2 ,opposite Karafarin bank , Kajabadi St,Africa St,Tehran.

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Ground digging ceremony of Jam-e- jam Elahieh Project
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Ground digging ceremony of Jam-e-jam Elahieh Project On Tuesday * February 2011، during The Auspicious Fajr decade ground digging ceremony of Jam-e-jam Elahieh project was held in presence of General director of Jam-e-jam Omran Pars، managers and deputies of The Pension Fund. 
The head of The Pension Fund، Mr.Abbas Pournesari after congratulations on the occasion of The Auspicious decade، named this ceremony as auspicious and hoped that with extra struggle and endeavor of all colleagues in The Pension Fund we will be able to witness qualitative and quantitative aspects of our construction projects.
Mr. Pournesari also mentioned the importance of the pension to the respectable retired personnel which he called among the top priorities and added that God willing / with the implementation of construction projects based on more added value interest we will have more strong support for paying the pension amount to the retired. He reiterated three fundamental and Significant aspects of Scheduling، (COM)، working security، construction quality of the project. At the beginning of this ceremony، Engineer Mohsen Ghalichebaf، general director of Jam-e-jam Omran Pars construction company after congratulating the Fajr decade and thanking the Head manager of The Pension Fund، members of board of directors، his colleagues in the company، For their support and co ordinations during the implementation perion. He expressed his hope that the project would come to and according to its predicted scheduling time. It is worth noting that the address of Jam-e-jam Elahieh is as follows؛ Bidar intersection. Elahieh، Modares Free way. The construction site is located on a piece of 3320 Square meters and its construction building is 32100 square metere.

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IRIB Pension Fund Letter of Understanding with Turkish KUZU ESKIHISAR Pars investment Company
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On Tuesday 28 Jan 2011 at the IRIB Conference Center, a joint venture investment agreement was signed between IRIB Pension Fund and Kuzu Eskihisir Pars  investment company from Turkey.related to Jam-e-Jam Saba Ghazali construction project.
In that joint meeting , MR Hssasn Taghadosnejad , IRIB financial vice-president  and The Pension Fund head of board of directors ; Mr. Abbass Pour Nesari , head of The Pension Fund ; Engineer Mohammad Moheb Khodai , deputy of the Pension Fund ; Mr. Hamid Alp; Mr Guven Kuzu members of board of directors  were present.
In the session, it was determined that the implementation agreement be prepared and signed for the two construction projects within one month.
Mr Hassan Taghadosnejad , respectable head of directors described the position and goals of The Pension Fund and also announced preparation of this institution for joint venture cooperation with the Turkish Company.
MR. Abbass pournasari , head of The Pension Fund described the activities of the institution , its affiliated companies in the arenas of construction , commerce , advertisement , promotion , airline agencies , stock market , industry and so on. He also pointed out construction company of The Pension Fund has been selected one for constructing houses, commercial complexes all over Iran. He specifically mentioned huge construction company of Jam-e-jam Omranepars.
In the session The Turkish Company expressed its happiness having joint venture cooperation with IRIB Pension Fund and also announced its preparation for implementing further Ghazali Projects , the largest construction project located in 21st municipality region in Tehran, In the arenas of commercial, administrative , hotel projects, and Villa Saba Tower.
It is worth noting that the venue of Jam-e-jam Ghazali is located at 15 km. Karaj-Tehran Road on a land of about 173790 square meter; Jam-e-jam Saba Project is on a land of 5113 square meters  located on Yakhchl ST. , Shariati ST. , Tehran.

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